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Been scouring Ravelry, found some similar patterns, but I like the fit of this one the best. AND that purple shawl!!! Yarn Harlot tells all those stories with humor, insight, and sympathy for the obsessed. It was wonderful and an experience I would have never had but for you. I need to google this fest and find out where it is. They are good parents and made no mistakes and so I can only think it was an accident of nature that took her – like a terrible flood or a disaster that no-one could see coming, and no-one could stop, and I don’t feel like we are supposed to figure it out, but I can see that it’s going to change all of us. They’re beautiful to be sure – but I opened the package and was disappointed for a second, wondering if I was retreating to my typical fall colours. I came home and ripped it all out, and now I’m taking a second run at it – it’s coming out fine this time, thank you very much. Marti on May 25, 2007 at 2:40 pm said: Another thing you could say is “Everyone is so busy knitting and concentrating on their knitting that they’re not listening to me anyway” however I think that is highly unlikely. Set up a fort? My friends can be seen in the picture. Our family is an undeniable matriarchy – I think it started when my grandfather ceded all familial power by heading off to war, and my Grammy took charge and it’s been down to the women since. There’s good things and great things and bad things and for the most part I feel okay about how this family is doing. I made the decision not to go this year (i’m about 2 hours drive away) and I sort of regret it and sort of don’t. It’s the people…. I’m so lucky to live in Woodstock, right across the river from Rhinebeck. We’re not scrambling around trying to figure out how you’re supposed to get things or what you have to wipe down or trying to figure out masks. It seemed kinda big from the get go. That last pic is almost as good as the now-famous Oscars selfie. Off they go into the (currently sparsely populated) long-range-planning-box. The minute we heard we booked this trip, and you’ll happily find us in the woods as much as we can be there now. A blanket made just for them, never to be repeated again – with motifs and meaning that is unique to that one person on earth, as special as they are. On a side note thank you, Stephanie, for blogging about the store. I could show you the sheep… Oh, wait. I just shared a very similar sentiment and photo of our house. Thank-you for your comments. 65.5k followers. Remind me to tell you all about the time she had me fake an illness so she didn’t have to go to a business dinner with my Grampa. Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. So, I’m moving on. How could it happen? I was hoping I would see you, but with the thousands of people there, I figured the odds were near 0. And I realized – it was her Rhinebeck cowl. You were with a group of friends, but were kind enough to introduce yourself, and make small talk. I’m just finishing one for my 23 yo son and I’m thinking, “I hope he wears this A Lot!” Love the colors in Clara’s scarf/shawl, and I really, really want one of those party bags!! and then Ken fell off his bike and hurt his knee (he’s going to be okay don’t panic) and there are no organized rides and we can’t ride too far from home because there’s no infrastructure for it (like bathrooms or food) and we can’t really be together, and… it turns out it’s really hard. Dear Elliot, Dear Maeve, Dear Frankie, Dear Luis…. Stunning shawl! All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again Things I Learned From Knitting Whether I Wanted To or Not Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting Knitting Rules! We’d wait, we said. I have no idea how so much time can be whipping by me when the days seem so long, or how I can be at home so much and still not get anything done. overview. I thought angora only came from rabbits?? 4th photo from the top – gorgeous Angora goat! October 15, 2019 / Though I’ve been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog for years, I just recently got around to reading her book, Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter, which capitulated her in to knitting royalty. Now that it’s done though? yarnharlot. Yarn harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, 2005, Andrews McMeel Pub. Required fields are marked *. Strong, but flexible. There will only be four of us, instead of a few hundred, and we have to stay 2 metres away from each other the whole time – but we’ll be together. I was one of the many knitters who stopped you as you were walking. Tell me you’re past your deadline too. I don't know how to make an accented "e" on my computer. Sandrine. Thursday, I left for Rhinebeck, and got on a plane, and then another one, and landed squarely in the arms of magic. Great post, great sweater. Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter. Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you had a lovely time. We put on our cheerfulpants and asked ourselves what we could do, and now … we have a plan. I’ve always suspected this of course, I mean, I have seen The Grinch Who Stole Christmas lots of times, and it’s not like I’ve been ignoring the messages out of whoville, but this really brought it home. Please please please let there be a pattern? There have been a thousand little kindnesses we’ve extended to each other during this time and I’ve been so grateful for all of them. Doesn’t it just. And the grey sweater with the openwork pattern. Sort of. We’re all Rhinebeck virgins. ), I know that things are tough all over, and I know that it’s possible all you can send us this year is luck and love, and we appreciate that a great deal. Except that I am probably going to knit this. A group of 450 cyclists and crew (a bunch of whom are immunocompromised) travelling together from one province to another? My mum always did it, and she wasn’t at all superstitious, but I love the way it gives our family a sense of tradition, ceremony and contributes to our family culture. (you stopped and talked to some folks in line for food who were standing right in front of me, but I felt it would be rude to interrupt). There’s a certain resonance isn’t there? You were going to blog every day during the pandemic, I tell myself. Be brave, be funny, be fierce, be all you, be mine. But I have MD Sheep and Wool, which is closer and almost as good. It’s not perfect, you can only have 10 people in your bubble, and no person in Ontario can be in more than one bubble – there’s a massive element of trust and monogamy, but that day, for the first time in months, our family was together. ), Shawl: True Colors Yarn: Fiber Optic Kashmir 6-pack in Spice, along with a skein in the natural grey. Other things have remained intolerable. I may be a wee bit jealous that you are friends with Amy Herzog and Clara Parkes. Read my lips. (Insane knitter theory #4: If I keep going, maybe this will stop looking too big. I go out once a week for groceries. I am glad that Cam is a knitter so he knows exactly how much work his big feet are and can extrapolate exactly how much I love him. Boy do you ever look stylish and hot, in that beautiful new sweater and killer boots. like us. All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again Things I Learned From Knitting Whether I Wanted To or Not Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting Knitting Rules! Screw you Covid. It’s because of you that I went to Rhinebeck, with my LYS on a bus trip, and there is so much to see and experience. Scheduling-wise, it was much easier not to go, But I kind of wish I had. I’ve been knitting lots of tiny things of late, wee mice and minuscule hats (the experienced among you will guess why, of course) and mittens for Elliot and…. Clients who had jobs that were helping might not now, clients with support may be missing that now, and clients with children are now under additional strain, with no school, childcare or camps. There are four roses on each trellis, the same number of children my mum had. 1,491 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘yarnharlot’ hashtag It is the part that is Megan – the strong woman that Charlotte came from. Enjoy! My second bucket list item after Port Ludlow…didn’t see Steph, darn it, but I got consumed by yarn fumes and came home with a suitcase full after Rhinebeck, Fabyarns in Tivoli and Spinning Sheep in Dover, NH (lovely people all of them), As a “shepherdess” I must point out that one of those is a goat . I worry sometimes that something is broken in us after all this, that we will never be the same, and I think that’s true. As we rushed around our lodgings Saturday morning, getting ready to head to the fairgrounds, my normally low-maintenance 10-year-old daughter (who I brought along at the last minute on a whim) was frantically insisting I show her how to bind off the cowl she had knitted on the drive up. Artisans. Write two books? That said, it is a heartbreaking truth for PWA that as our event goes virtual, their needs remain not virtual at all – in fact, the pandemic has meant that they are seeing an increase in the number of people with HIV/AIDS who need support now, and a reduced ability to fundraise, thanks to the cancellation of Pride Festivals and with many donors being under financial strain. I was gonna say… looks like you pulled it off again! I’ve been wondering how to come back here every day when I’ve failed yet again, and it stalls me right out. I meant it when I said that the lack of travel has really screwed up my sock production… but a concerted effort on my part has meant that three pairs (actually five but I am waiting to show you two others) have come off the needles in the last bit. Dammit. Hope to see you next year –. Maybe sometime this week before you forget and are on to another dazzling project? I know. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/nyc-marathon-knitting-runner-crochets-flowers-article-1.2407903?cid=bitly#_gus&_gucid=article. She was larger than life, and more beautiful than I can say, and if anyone ever tells me I am anything like her I feel so proud. Rhinebeck has much better grounds…and beer and wine….and espresso coffee drinks….and much better food. Next year we are both going! It was a bucket list item although I certainly hope to go back. We’re all turning on the “dings” on our phones, and considering the temperatures tomorrow (scorching) and the distance (far) and the grade (uphill the whole way, into the goddamn wind) and the fact that there haven’t been any training rides this year and we’ve all been on our own… we’d love it if you used it. It’s not perfect, and it’s not the Rally, but it’s the best we can do. That purple shawl! It’s exactly the colour of new leaves, and that ruby red is like the red of ranunculus or sweet peas. Nancy P. I have to laugh at the photo of the woman eating the maple cotton candy. That's the sort of thing I knew how to do in college, when I was… I haven’t been in a grocery store in eight months, and our list of close contacts for a week can be counted on one hand, and that’s if you put the both of us together. Every hour, another few darlings of mine turned up in my back garden, and I had a physically distanced visit with all of them. Love those beautiful, happy faces! As a result, we have one of the highest per capita COVID rates in the US. I have spent my entire adult life trying to learn how to be brave, and in particular how to raise brave daughters – and I do not think that was a waste of time at all, but this whole thing, not getting a chance to write Charlotte a letter, to wrap her in her blanket, it has reminded me that maybe when it comes to love, it is perhaps a good thing to be a little bit afraid. So, we’re leaving. Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter - Kindle edition by Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie. Haha! (Both literally, and figuratively.). I’ve got a pretty good idea that it was her knitter instincts taking over. She would have me and Erin of course, but… we are the matriarchs now- it would be only stories that she’d hear about my remarkable Mum and spectacular Grammy that would inspire her. Any day with a Yarn Harlot blog post is a very good day indeed. (And we all packed our knitting. The Thing About My Family | Yarn Harlot. and wandering through the “deep deep woods” or digging holes at the beach – and this marks the second week that Elliot has been confident enough to leap from the back of the anchored boat to swim in Lake Ontario. We’d kill people and spread the virus. You’re right ~ There’s nothing like Rhinebeck! I try to bite my tongue a little harder, to pay more compliments, to show more patience, to say yes a little more often, and I see Megan do the same. For years I’ve known that knitting socks was my travel solution, I always had a pair in my purse, and I knit while I’m on the bus, on the subway, in cars, on planes – at the queues at shops, waiting for appointments, now that that’s all gone the sock production around here has dropped off sharply, which is to say that it turns out that without really thinking about sock knitting, I don’t do much. I have similar feelings about Rhinebeck. It was like being slapped in the face with reason and logic. (Duh, hotel room.) Today we called it “packing day” and I drove around and collected everyone’s stuff, and drove it out to our overnight location. OH but I wish I were going to be there. Not that that’s the only thing I’ve taken away from these pictures. I’ve gone with different friends over the years, and my dutiful husband who manages to keep busy (I let him bring his own friend! Megan wrote the other day that she feels that this has taken her innocence, and this – this is Charlotte’s legacy, in a very good way. Can’t believe you pulled it off in time. It is tradition in our family for me to knit a blanket for every baby born into it. When I wrote to Elliot, I wrote about how content I was as a grandmother- how the fear and terrible worry of being a mum gives way to experience, and that in that there is so much joy. I’ve made a bunch of them now – starting with blankets for my own daughters, and then Hank. Of course I was wearing mine as well. If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, then you know that we have lots of traditions around the New Year. As God is my witness, I will be there the first Fall I retire from teaching!! I’m so tired of this stupid pandemic. I’m entirely smitten. The blanket stayed folded, there was no need to rush. And for revealing next year’s featured breeds for those of us who weren’t able to attend. Finally – so many of you have asked about the Bike Rally – it being sort of traditional to donate to the ride if you were feeling the urge to give me a present on my birthday – so here is where we are at. While I was knitting the last little bit of this one, it seemed to me rather hopelessly autumnal and it didn’t scratch the itch of spring fever that I had. Your email address will not be published. Inspiration for me to make a sweater for myself. So, I decided to make it again. The four little nupps in the centre of each diamond are for each of them. Just awesome. (Already we are all looking scruffy.) Aaaaahh! I’ll have to apologize (again) I tell myself. I know cause I got to “try” it on one time. (I can’t believe I said that.). Top Keywords . I don’t know how, yet, but I am SO going to Rhinebeck next year. 12 | May | 2010 | Yarn Harlot. 2020, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. I was looking to embrace summer with my knitting, bright colours, hope and joy – it didn’t speak to me of flowers and warmth and water. This pair isn’t yet a pair – I’m headed for the toe on the first one – knit in Regia Pairfect Rainbow – yeah, I was rocking a Pride theme for Pride month. I know so many of you are in the US- the epicenter of the world’s pandemic, and that with hundreds of people dying every day still – you might not feel comfortable going to the the post office, or getting a package. Ken and Pato remain outside our bubble (their living arrangements mean they’re automatically in other bubbles) but I was with Elliot and he was with his Aunties, and the whole thing was as much a celebration of the family as it was my birthday. It’s worth it, and maybe it will be sorted by your birthday. Go ahead — twitter. I don’t want to talk about Christmas – do you? I’m out of my box. Sorry kiddo, it’s Monday. Is there any way a person could get her hands on some of those “I like to party…” bags? I think too many hard things happened to us too fast, and after this we will be different, and I think that’s okay. I’d only completed three sections of the thing and it was already halfway to the size I was aiming for. People do come from all around the world. The friend who has come the last few years isnt really a knitter, but she looks forward to it every year as well. That one is (again, my basic pattern) and the yarn’s Must Stash in Vespa. Stupid virus. Lovely fotos! Thirded! I’m sure there’s no connection, but you can be assured that I have spent the last week cleaning this house within an inch of it’s life. This panel of Lilly of the Valley is her favourite flower, and it grew all the way along the side of her house, and when I was a little girl she used to encourage me to lie on my tummy in the grass and stick my nose right in it. I have a mini-rally to tell you about. I love how much you love it. Of forget-me-nots and rhododendrons…, It is a shame then that I dropped it like a hot rock when yarn came from Lichen and Lace (the used-to-was owner of the famed Lettuce Knit here in Toronto, now turned dyer extraordinaire in New Brunswick.). Are you trying to finish something today? Now that the whole rest of the world is finished knitting that sweater I might as well make one. Back soon – you know. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about yarn harlot? There is something special about being a woman in our family – to paraphrase Gloria Steinem, most of us became the men we wanted to marry, and we have a long history of wonderful mothers and powerhouse aunties and sisters and some (okay several) men who have opted out of doing anything amazing with their roles, and it’s left the whole family valuing women more than is strictly reasonable. Ha ha. Me too! Saved searches. And it was pure joy meeting you in the Harrisville Designs booth. Maybe next year. Remembrances of Charlotte don’t make me sad, but the things we didn’t use are gigantic reminders of the colossal rip off that is infant loss. Thanks for sharing the experience that is Rhinebeck! I’ll try to post to instagram as we go along over the next two days, and show you what we managed to make work. I know a year can’t have feelings, but it’s not 2020’s fault. Who knows what’s going to happen next. I think I’ll forgive myself for that too. the yarn harlot. I’m determined to make the Patreon a ridiculously good value, and so far I think I’m succeeding. Making a big push for PWA, and trying to inspire you to inspire us so we can help them, and trying to make our own fun – or fundraiser, as the case may be. SHE KNEW that’s what you do. I was overwhelmed this holiday by thoughts of how things were “supposed to be” and that included missing my mum, Tupp, Susan and my Uncle Tom (Mum and Tupps brother) died just two weeks before Christmas, and of course – little Charlotte, who was supposed to be fat and happy, crawling around and trying to eat paper. While I don’t usually work on my birthday, this year I was supposed to be at the Strung Along Retreat with my dear friends Debbi and Judith, and a hoard of knitters I adore. It was really cool. It is lunacy of course,  to think that I can possibly finish those up in just four days while chasing an active three year old (Meg is coming, but I suspect that she has some knitting goals of her own) which totally explains why I also have this: (Neighbourhood Fiber Co – Pride.) Now that I hang this finished thing in the back garden to show it to you, I can see that I was wrong about it. It’s always more fun with critters. Well, it turns out it’s probably not. My Ravelry queue, still full of everything I was going to make her is still exquisitely painful to me and I haven’t been able to open it – not after I opened it once without thinking and was confronted with it all. (I didn’t finish my sweater in time). Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again Things I Learned From Knitting Whether I Wanted To or Not Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting Knitting Rules! I recognize a few but would love to know who the rest of the knitteratti are! Wrap yourself up in that, kiddo. WEBS Yarn Store Blog » Yarn Harlot. It is worth noting that I did a spiral toe on these, but they spiral in opposite directions, because I can’t imagine anyone could easily walk straight if their toes were unbalanced. Closets, cupboards, whole rooms cleaned and repainted, I even put down the shelf paper that I bought at the beginning of the pandemic. I am too clever and I suspect you are as well, to think that they are even remotely the same, that they scratch the same itch. Neat, right?) Instead, defeat. We asked ourselves what was possible- what challenges we had and what we could do about them, and what could we do to drive donations and give PWA the biggest rescue we could. i have tears – there is nothing like love and wool. What about Solstice… What about Christmas? I can’t explain us sometimes.) They all call them “my blanket” and I have never doubted that they are the closest thing I can knit to an amulet of protection – my love between them and the world. patterns (17) projects. It’s imperfect. Must know the name of that shawl pattern! We problem solved. edition, in English ... twitter github. Have you ever been to Germany? cycle the equivalent of the rally each month for three months. It is the covid-times. Thanks for the tour, I missed going this year but my youngest isn’t ready to go and needed me home (and the adoption was finalized last week! The pictures and videos of her, or remembering the delicious anticipation of her birth, recalling the joy I felt holding her in my arms, these are things about my little granddaughter I don’t want to forget, and while it makes me sad to see or think of those things, they are balanced with a sweetness and happiness that makes it worth the agony. So it is for Megan I think – we’re on mostly the same page with all of her pictures and belongings, with one difference. Rhinebeck, NY. I was so wrong. When the laptop is fixed and I’ve seen to the ducks. Or more photos of it, I’d be down for some reverse engineering. Roundabout Exit 151, progress often is neither linear nor sequential... it's more, well, roundabout. I was so excited, I blurted, “You’re the Yarn Harlot!” (I was squealing like a teenybopper who had just met Bobby Sherman!) They don’t make me as sad at all, but the unused ones just break my heart. Madrona is my Rhinebeck; for those of us in the great Pacific Northwest. I do not believe that Charlotte was here so briefly for a reason. Gauge is still a thing | Yarn Harlot. Helen (hbcolombo at juno.outlook.com). I admit, it hurts just a little to finish something so cozy as it gets truly hot around here, and I am rather short of places to wear it,  but I have hopefully hung it near the back door, ready in case there is a cool evening. There is a way! Things have been much the same here – working from home, hanging out at home, I can’t tell you how much I miss travel, and my knitting does too, it turns out. It’s the place, the people, and the wool. Then the next picture almost blew me away — those beautiful autumn leaves!! You want a drive? While he was patient (sort of), it’s not the same. Buy Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again by Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie (ISBN: 0050837250611) from Amazon's Book Store. This is a New Jersey tale of serendipity, two socks, and the singular Yarn Harlot. Too nosy? To be clear, that money is going to run out – the crisis is not over, and the Rally isn’t raising as much this year as last. Ironically – it’s that sense of loss that’s made us so careful. All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes for a Spin Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again Things I Learned From Knitting Whether I Wanted To or Not Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting Knitting Rules! The maple cotton candy people missed a huge marketing opportunity….Edible Wool! Learn how your comment data is processed. Over 50 million people in America knit. Around that centre is ring lace. We’ve continued that, and this weekend I had the privilege and joy of spending this time with a group of women that I’ve been proud to call my friends for a decade. Find your dollie? (Four – one each.) Yarn Harlot - I really like this sweater but I think it ... Yarn Harlot: At longest last. I miss you guys, I hate that I had to jet early. It’s been 3 years since I moved away from driving distance to Rhinebeck. (That’s 1-ply merino in “woods” and Marsh Mohair in “Shrub”)  I wondered if I was really any good this spring and summer knitting thing, and then I laid the little beginnings of my sweater in the heuchera by the door for a photo, and look. Charlotte was safely arrived, healthy and beautiful, and carrying my mum’s name. I arranged our annual Gingerbread Party over Zoom – I baked cookies and made icing and dropped them off at the doors of all parties concerned. Your sweater is gorgeous! Years ago, I knit the MDK Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. When I became a mum that one started to make a lot of sense, and I also I kept Find Your Own Food Fridays, but one upped my mum by inventing Make Your Own Fun Mondays, in which I didn’t come up with any activities or plans for the girls, and they had to come up with their own fun that didn’t require parental support of any kind. I started as we began our long drive, with a very good feeling. The needs rise, and the fundraising goes down, and so here is where Team Knit is at. From the time that we were old enough to scrounge leftovers or make a peanut butter sandwich, on Fridays – we were completely on our own. It takes real time and commitment to make that kind of high quality error.) Twitter is a little less visual, but more up-to-the-minute, and the WEBS Twitter feed is filled with quick tweets from designers, our store staff, fiber bloggers, and even some news sources that have nothing to do with yarn! Now, here’s the thing. Love the photos, especially the second to last one with the smile on the beautiful baby. And the shawls, the sheep and goats… And yes, that purple shawl… Thanks for the show! Last year though, if you remember, Joe talked me into going away for New Years. I feel good about inventing a new job and getting us out of trouble, and I feel good about being as available to Elliot as I have been – If the kid can only have a few people in his life, they should be dedicated. I know that non-knitters sometimes think it’s funny that I like knitting for other knitters so much. Me? Obviously the stupid pandemic (and a few other knots in my metaphoric skein) meant that things were going to be very different and it was really getting me a bit down. I would love to go even if I couldn’t buy all of the yarns. While I share a bubble with Sam and her husband Mike (and Mike’s awesome mum Marilyn) the rest of Team Knit does not – so while Sam and Mike have graciously agreed to let Team Knit use the bathroom there – we’ve got tents to put up in their backyard. Be in the best shape of your life? 31.4k Followers, 1,239 Following, 1,537 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Adam Chance (@theadamchance) This post is part of a spin-along through 51 Yarns by Jacey Boggs Faulkner, in the Wool n' Spinning community. I was there, too, for the first time. I was at Rhinebeck, in one of the big buildings with the windows, turning a fast corner around a line at the end, and nearly bumped into you.

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