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; Everything had to fall into place for this arrangement to work. Fall-into sentence examples. We may say, however, that they fall into two classes, general and specific. Sometimes ships that are windbound and have exhausted their provision of water, touch here and apply to the natives for it; in such cases the crews sometimes fall into the hands of the latter and most of them are massacred.". "If all were to follow your example and abstain from politics, the affairs of the world would fall into the hands of wild and lawless barbarians" (viii. Definition of fall on in the Idioms Dictionary. From this time forward the new moons, which till then had been at least as important as the Sabbath and were celebrated by sacrificial feasts as occasions of religious gladness, fall into insignificance, except in the conservative temple ritual. The vast majority of games fall into this category. Movements generally fall into two categories: mechanical and quartz. When trying to find ways to help these children, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about what they do that bothers others. fall example sentences. magnesite deposits were found to fall into two groups, comprising carbonate generated on two mixing lines. Even those who do not fall into the error of making Smith the creator of the science, often separate him too broadly from Quesnay and his followers, and represent the history of modern economics as consisting of the successive rise and reign of three doctrines - the mercantile, the physiocratic and the Smithian. Young people are prone to fall into temptation. This means that if you fall into this size range you'll have a wider choice of trunk styles to choose from. Not all European eyeglass frames fall into the "boring and safe" category. Beside that conception the issue of battles and the fate of kings fall into comparative insignificance. And I fell into a life in exile.और मैं फ़िर से देश-निकाले का जीवन जीने पर मजबूर कर दी गयी। 2. The Gathas proper, arranged according to the metres in which they are written, fall into five subdivisions (28 -34, 43-4 6, 47-5 0, 51, 53). The Quest versions again fall into three distinct classes, differentiated by the personality of the hero who is respectively Gawain, Perceval or Galahad. The signs fall into different behavior categories for the sake of clarity. These aren't the only regulations with regards to shared wells, so your best bet is to contact an FHA representative to discuss your particular situation and find out of you fall into the category which makes it acceptable. The Internet makes plagiarism an easy trap to fall into. Different genres of Transformer fall into different categories. If all these factors fall into place for you, a college team experience can be lots of fun as well as a rewarding dance experience. They also were permitted to fall into decay, but the 3rd marquess of Bute undertook the restoration of the Greyfriars' chapel. ; This is a cowardly habit that we scientists can fall into. Examples of fall into in a sentence: 1. Women who fall into this category are usually logical and down-to-earth. fall into sth definition: 1. to start doing something, often without intending to: 2. to gradually get into a particular…. Because performers under 25 fall into the Younger Actor and Actress awards category, there was some confusion over those who turn 25 during the calendar year. 2. Lucifer and the renegade angels fall into hell, but hell was already inhabited by demons, mutants and aliens. burgled at some point, your weapons will fall into the illegal market. Hymenopterid flowers, which fall into the following groups: Bee-flowers proper, humble-bee flowers requiring a longer proboscis to reach the nectar, wasp-flowers such as fig-wort (Scrophularia nodosa) and ichneumon flowers such as tway-blade (Listera ovata). The mountain groups which rise confusedly over almost the whole surface of the land, fall into two main blocks, one on either side of the river Morava. Ordinary Dreams: The most common dreams are those that fall into this category. 3. I have a big interest in electronic gadgets, especially communication and information devices, so many of my designs fall into that category. For example, when Zach and Greenlee were lost on a crashed plane, spoilers everywhere claimed they would fall into each other's arms and Greenlee would end up pregnant with his child. The contents of the prophecy fall into a series of clearly marked sections, as in the paragraph division of the Revised Version. In Japan, Renai means romantic game and most virtual dating games fall into the Renai category. At the news the young king, Ptolemy Philometor, fled by sea, only to fall into his uncle's hands; but his younger brother, Ptolemy Euergetes II., was proclaimed king by the people of Alexandria (Polyb. Some ballroom dance methods actually have the dancers start on the third "cha" step just so that everything else will fall into place starting on the "one" count. After the removal of the capital to Bagdad, in the middle of the following century, Kufa lost its importance and began to fall into decay. In fact, the more measurements of the face that fall into the Golden Proportion, the more beautiful the person is perceived to be. Engaged already in both Canada and in India (where Dupleix was founding an empire with a mere handful of men), it was to Frances interest not to become involved in war upon the Rhine, thus falling into Englands continental trap. Curvy: If you fall into the "curvy" section, look for ruching (a style of design that gathers fabric in such a way, so that it looks slightly layered), but beware of where the ruching falls. They believe in the simple ease in which many can come to accept Christ as their Savior and that through Him, and His teachings, the rest will just naturally fall into place and grow within a person over time. Never expect Aries to follow your lead or fall into any situation where he's taking orders. Once I figured that out, it all began to fall into place. After all that wine,Father fell into a deep sleep. The minted coins will be ejected onto a rubber conveyor belt rather than being allowed to fall into a trough or skip. The vacuum pan is erected at a height which commands the crystallizers, each of which will, as in days gone by in Cuba, hold the contents of the pan, and these in their turn are set high enough to allow the charge to fall into the feeding-trough of the centrifugals, thus obviating the necessity of any labour to remove the raw sugar from the time it leaves the vacuum pan to the time it falls into the centrifugals. 4. Don't fall into a rut like movies on Friday or dinners on Tuesday. Families with Formal dresses can easily fall into both of these categories. The former rises in Moravia, flows first north through Austrian Silesia, then takes an easterly direction along the borders of Prussian Silesia, and afterwards a north-easterly, separating Galicia from Russian Poland, and leaving Austria not far from Sandomir. These watches fall into the All-Sport range and include several quality features which make them suitable for many sports and other physical activities. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. You don't need to create a bedroom that makes you instantly fall into a meditative state the moment you enter it. Among the Jews the preaching of the prophets had been a constant protest against the grosser forms of sacrifice, and there are indications that when Christianity arose bloody sacrifices were already beginning to fall into disuse; a saying which was attributed by the Ebionites to Christ repeats this protest in a strong form, "I. After experiencing how easy it is to fall into a financial crisis and how hard it can be to dig out of debt, Hunt decided she wanted to help others who were experiencing similar problems. added another with loud laughter, seeing the shell fly past and fall into the ranks of the supports. The self-same tears Will fall into your husband's bosom, lady, With a loud protestation that you love him Above the world. Also, don't expect to fall into a deep meditative state during the first few attempts, like any discipline, meditation requires practice. When it comes to shapes, sweater dresses tend to fall into one of two camps: slim-fitting and clingy, or loose and roomy. The Galilean Mountains, north of the plain of Esdraelon, fall into two regions, divided by a line joining Acre with the north end of the Sea of Galilee. Slugs are attracted to the smell and will fall into the cup and drown. JCPenney has long offered special sizes for women that don't fall into a single range. All in all, four major GameCube games fall into the Zelda franchise. When we think of these efforts as just another technology project we fall into a trap.. Students over 25 fall into a different category . Upkeep: There are plenty of upkeep projects around the house which may not fall into the same category as repairs, yet this upkeep can potentially cost money. In the past they were often allowed to fall into disrepair, but in 1903 a department of government was formed to control their upkeep, with the result that most of them were soon furnished with new locks, deepened, and made thoroughly serviceable. - These verses, which interrupt the plan of the book, fall into two independent fragments, 1-8 and 9-17, which are inconsistent in their original meaning with each other. The only other public buildings, beyond those at Westminster, which fall into a great group are the modern museums, the Imperial Institute, London University and other institutions, and Albert Hall, which lie between Kensington Gore and Brompton and Cromwell Roads, and these, together with the National Gallery (in Trafalgar Square) and other art galleries, and the principal scientific, educational and recreative institutions, are considered in Section V. This sport was allowed to fall into disuse, and was not again prevalent until it was introduced from Holland after the Restoration. With so many adorable bowling shoe styles available, it may be tempting to choose fashion over fit, so be careful not to fall into that trap. Following the Roman roads, the high roads of the Eastern Division very frequently run along the crests of ridges or escarpments; but in the Western Division they are, as a rule, forced by the more commanding relief of the country to keep to the river valleys and cross the rougher districts through the dales and passes. A worried Severus consulted fortunetellers who told him that Albinus would fall into his hands neither living nor dead. Decorate it with love first and foremost, and you'll find the details easily fall into place. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! The Vistula and the Oder both fall into the Baltic. There are 50 example sentences for fall into. 0. The neotropical species appear to fall into two groups: (I) the so-called Andean species, viz. How to use fall into in a sentence. ofSpain (1700) he claimed everything in favor of his grandson, the duke of Anjou, now appointed universal heir, though risking the loss of all- by once more letting himself fall into imprudent and provocative action in the dynastic interest. Many role playing games involve too much of a time commitment to really fall into the "games to play when bored" categorization. cartoon characters), gift packages of related items, multiple unrelated gifts. With the highly anticipated Sony PlayStation 3 on the horizon, it is inevitable that the over 100 million PlayStation 2s sold will soon begin to collect dust and fall into obscurity. If you fall into this category, do not think you should save yourself money by "doing it yourself.". 2 A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. The navigable streams which fall into the Ganges intersect the country in every direction and afford great facilities for internal communication. Persons who are prescribed medications which fall into three drug categories are most at risk for prescription drug addiction. Once you have made this crucial decision, all other aspects seem to fall into place. Couples' costumes generally fall into three categories: real couples, fictional couples, and more generic costume ideas. If you fall into this criteria, your virtual pet might be a great resource in helping you figure out if you'd like a real pet. Keeping them in a case makes them easier to find and it also makes it harder for them to fall into a crevice. While some craftsman will build to order, many available pieces fall into one of the following categories. The word "species" now signifies a grade or rank in classification assigned by systematists to an assemblage of organic forms which they judge to be more closely interrelated by common descent than they are related to forms judged to be outside the species, and of which the known individuals, if they differ amongst themselves, differ less markedly than they do from those outside the species, or, if differing markedly, are linked by intermediate forms. It's easy for some veggies to slide through the grill cracks and fall into the coals, but you can prevent that from happening by skewering veggie slices and pieces together on kabobs before you place them on the grill. Once you know when you are likely to fall into habitual lying, you can consciously begin to make changes. 2. Sentence Examples. Take a look at some of the celebs whose birth dates fall into the sign of Aquarius, and see if you think they fit this description! Does it fall into a niche or collection the teen loves? The labours of Golgi, Marchiafava, Celli and others established the nature of the parasite and its behaviour in the blood; they proved the fact, guessed by Rasori so far back as 1846, that the periodical febrile paroxysm corresponds with the development of the organisms; and they showed that the different forms of malarial fever have their distinct parasites, and consequently fall into distinct groups,. You may fall in love with her; she expects you to do that. Luckily for you, black cocktail dresses that don't fall into the general category are readily available and look great in nearly any situation, so you'll be covered for anything from cruise ship to after-dinner drinks event. In the body of the work he displays considerable ingenuity in reducing his problems to simple equations, which admit either of direct solution, or fall into the class known as indeterminate equations. had defined the north-east boundary of the United States as extending along the middle of the river St Croix " from its mouth in the bay of Fundy to its source " and " due north from the source of St Croix river to the highlands; along the said highlands which divide those rivers that empty themselves into the river St Lawrence from those which fall into the Atlantic Ocean, to the north-westernmost head of Connecticut river; thence down along the middle of that river to the forty-fifth degree of north latitude.". The electrons have an orbit of minimum energy from which they cannot fall into the nucleus without violating the uncertainty principle. Although the legal ramifications of their use fall into quite the gray area, video game emulators are incredibly popular not necessarily for piracy purposes but rather to enjoy classic and arcade games that may not otherwise be available. Workers fall into the trap of slave labor in different ways. This usage, like fall from grace , originally alluded to religious concerns. The Constitutions themselves fall into three main divisions. Vicente Escudero, Anita Delgado, and Cristina Hoyos fall into the categories of accomplished dancers. Items such as small grab rails, additional banister rails and flashing light doorbells fall into this category and are called minor adaptations. What does fall into lap expression mean? Instead, it's left up to the discretion of the Court by considering if the divorcees fall into a certain criteria. Definition of fall into oblivion in the Idioms Dictionary. With the exception of the small streams belonging to it which fall into the Adriatic, all its rivers have their mouths in other countries, and its principal river, the Danube, has also its source in another country. More similar words: fall into a decline, fall into disrepute, fall into, fall into a trap, fall into place, fall into the habit of, fall into a deep sleep, get into debt, run into debt, decay, decayed, tooth decay, beta decay, pull into, roll into, exponential decay, radioactive decay, call into question, fall in line, dodecahedron, william jefferson clinton, fall in, falling, falling out, falling-out, falling off, fall in love, fall in with, falling … Look through your receipts and old bank statements or try tracking your spending for one week to get a better idea of expenses that fall into this area. Numerous torrents pour down from the two boundary ranges, and unite in the plains to form large streams, which fall into the chief streams of the district, which are the Irrawaddy, Hlaing and Bassein, all of them branches of the Irrawaddy. He dwells on the risk run by the sponsors, in case the candidates for whose purity they went bail should fall into sin. As required activities begin to fall into place, there is more time for enjoyable activities and less time spent worrying about everything that needs to be done. She stepped forward, curious and hopeful she did fall into the water and end everything right here. the whole of them should not fall into the hands of a near relation either of the king of France or of the emperor, the head of the house of Austria. It crumbles into lava and if you fall into the lava before you get to the door, you are returned to the start but you do not lose your studs. This style is ideal for women with lightweight (or medium) hair, since the hair will easily fall into place and essentially style itself. Human bites fall into two categories: occlusional bites and clenched-fist injuries. Those who fall into the former camp will enjoy this game, while those entrenched in the latter one will once again shake their collective heads and wonder what the big deal is. She watched the crimson drop form, stretch, then fall into the fountain. ; Tasks that fall into Category 2 require action by the administration. While not all gifts easily fall into categories, knowing the different types of gifts can help individuals shop with an idea already in mind. Still, the majority of girl themes fall into traditional ones. He disbelieves in Job's integrity, and desires him to be so tried that he may fall into sin. However, the legalities of such a procedure easily fall into a very grey area, so we would advise against that unless you own the original video game. They fall into the sink basin with metallic clinks. It only Internal remains to add that, in carrying out this system, Maria reforms Theresa was too wise to fall into the errors afterwards made by her son and successor. 2. Besides these there are many minor streams. Gifts generally fall into one of several categories based on their design and intention. Learn more. These films often fall into genres like horror, Western and film noir. to go down quickly into (something); to pass to (a less active or less desirable … The phenomena of convergence are to some extent other instances of the same kind and supply evidence that organisms, so to say, fall into grooves, that their possibilities of change are defined and limited by their past history. In 1612 Gustavus Adolphus caused the inhabitants to destroy their town lest it should fall into the hands of the Danes; but it was rebuilt soon after, and in 1620 received special privileges from the king. Yet even from the highest peak he'll fall into the deepest abyss from where there's no escape. The charges of coal fall into the hopper with a heavy shock, and in order to save the knife-edges there is a strong pin in each side of the hopper below the knife-edge, which, before the charge of coal is dropped into the hopper, is acted on by a strong horizontal flitch - plate, which heaves the hopper off the knife-edges and relieves them from the shock. During the time of the barbarian invasions much of the protective system was allowed to fall into decay; but the latter part of the middle ages saw the works resumed with great energy, so that the main features of the present arrangement were in existence by the close of the 15th century. dignify fall into the trap of treating terrorists as enemy soldiers - that only dignifies them in their own eyes. Novelty: Don't let things fall into a rut with this man either. Diamond flaws fall into two major categories: Natural and man made. The senior's income must fall into the federal guidelines of being 50 percent or less of the specific area's medium income. The chain-of-events had unfolded the way she planned, except that Gabriel didn't fall into her lap, and she had lost all her power in the process. : I do not half like the state of things, and this conjuration about the bees may all fall through. parietal peritoneum over the bladder should be removed to allow the small bowel ultimately to fall into the pelvic cavity. Today, the Administration continues to help people who fall into the low or middle income level categories. Omitting that of Oppert, which to some extent stands in a category by itself, the systems fall into three groups. He let the child fall into the trunk, slammed it and quickly drove away just as the mother was emerging from the house. fall into something definition: to suddenly be in a condition, esp. They fall into three main classes: (1) scientific; (2) historical; (3) theological. The south Arabian inscriptions to which the terms Himyaritic and Sabaean are applied fall into two groups, the Sabaean proper and the Minaean. The Banas and the Saraswati take their rise in the Aravalli hills, and flowing eastward through the native state of Palanpur, fall into the Runn of Cutch. At the time of the British annexation of Burma there were some old irrigation systems in the Kyaukse and Minbu districts, which had been allowed to fall into disrepair, and these have now been renewed and extended. Burr coffee grinders fall into two categories: flat wheel and conical. Does the fall into the abyss always result in enlightenment? The republican murals pictured here thus fall into six categories. At the very least, it's helpful for kids to know how to perform basic movements should they fall into a body of water. By the early emperors it was allowed to fall into decay, but was afterwards restored by Constantine, from whom it took its modern name. prevents the king from administering certain kinds of land when these fall into the possession of minors. The former fall into the two classes of feelings (subjective) and perceptions (objective); the latter, according as the receptive or the spontaneous element predominates, into cognition and volition. Unfortunately, many people fall into a chaotic and frenzied state because they are not managing their time correctly. What does fall on … He'll have to fall into line with the others. 45. When the suns fall into night, I'll speak to dhjan A'Ran over the communicator. Under weak emperors, the rest of Egypt was exposed to the inroads of savages, and left to fall into a condition of barbarism. If you fall into the trap of focusing on training to the exclusion of taking care of your overall heath and well being, you won't be able to perform at peak capacity. You can twist it all the way to the back of your head and have the sections meet, or just partially and let the ends fall into your loose hair. 6. Libau will fall into our hands. The works of Tertullian, on the chronology of which a great deal has been written, and which for the most part do not admit of being dated with perfect certainty, fall into three classes - the apologetic, defending Christianity against paganism and Judaism; the polemical dogmatic, refuting heresies and heretics; and the ascetic or practical, dealing with points of morality and church discipline. What does fall into lap expression mean? : Hulse leaned forward till he seemed about to fall through the screen. The more conservative temper of the Anglican and Lutheran communions, however, suffered the retention of such processions as did not conflict with the reformed doctrines, though even in these Churches they met with opposition and tended after a while to fall into disuse. Purses that fall into the weekend purse are typically more casual bags. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. But whereas Fechner and Paulsen hold that all physical processes are universally accompanied by psychical processes which are the real causes of psychical sensations, Riehl rejects this paradox of universal parallelism in order to fall into the equally paradoxical hypothesis that something or other, which is neither physical not psychical, causes both the physical phenomena of matter moving in space and the psychical phenomena of mind to arise in us as its common effects. The chain-of-events had unfolded the way she planned, except that Gabriel didn't fall into her lap, and she had lost all her power in the process. fall into the routine of. Fall into step definition is - to begin walking or marching with the same rhythm as another person or group of people. Spread the love. How to use fall into step in a sentence. 3 If the blind lead the blind, both shall, 28 Things of a kind come together; people of a kind, 29 The wicked fairy bewitched the princess and made her, 30 If you plan the project well,(www.Sentencedict.com) then everything should, 4 If you plan the project well, then everything should, 5 With the blind leading the blind, both shall, 6 Anyone who betrays his motherland shall inevitably, 7 If the blind leads the blind, both will. If I can settle on a few more characters, it should begin to fall into place. Communicator: Parents, grandparents and long-distance friends fall into this category. Fechner was saved from this absurdity, but only to fall into the greater absurdity of his own panpsychism. Ros fell into a deep sleep. Since achievement tests are designed to measure the 'norm', any result is skewed if the child taking the test doesn't normally fall into the 'norm' as defined by a bell curve. fall perfectly into. She needed to regroup, "not fall into the arms of the closest available man -- even if he is an adorable teddy bear.". - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Novels that address the question of what would have happened if major historical events had different outcomes fall into the genre of alternate history rather than historical fiction. making That homecoming Happy Living apart for any length of time means we fall into our own patterns and routines. The heavenly bodies fall into two classes: (1) the fixed stars, or stars proper, which retain the same relative position with respect to one another; and (2) the planets, which have motions of a distinctly individual character, and appear to wander among the stars proper. The chief rivers on the west are the Nera (Nar), with its tributaries the Velino (Velinus) and Salto, and the Anio, both of which fall into the Tiber. Adventure games fall into many categories, a few of which are explained below. Most alternative therapies for atopic dermatitis fall into one of the following groups. proteases produced by D. congolensis fall into all three categories. Once the first one is found, more people and items usually fall into place. Many years of neglect allowed parts of the structure to fall intodisrepair. In his arrangement the last subdivision disappears, and the Dicotyledons fall into two groups, a larger containing those in which both calyx and corolla are present in the flower, and a smaller, Monochlamydeae, representing the Apetalae and Diclines Irregulares of Jussieu. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Learn more. ‘Nick had fallen down into the same pit that Scott and Sean fell into.’ ‘That meant if he lost his handhold on the roof, he'd fall at least 40 feet, swinging like a pendulum in a huge arc.’ ‘Tom steps out of the doorway and falls 7 feet, collapsing onto rails.’ Some musicologists might argue that the Inventions fall intoa category of absolute music. Did he think she was going to fall into his arms? We must repair the damage to the southern gate and make sure the eastern gate doesn't fall into the hands of Sirian's followers. D.) Islands Of The Pacific Ocean Up to a certain point, the islands of the Pacific fall into an obvious classification, partly physical, partly political. [VERB PARTICLE noun] See full … We must be careful, however, not to fall into the error of supposing that he wrote it with the sole object of meeting an occasional emergency. a bad one: . Zwingli and Calvin on the other hand prefer the positive view of law as instituted by God far back in history in the days of the Old Covenant; but,, when exegesis or controversy puts pressure upon them, they fall into line and reiterate the appeal to a Natural Law. A younger woman may be tempted to fall into the "child" role instead of continuing to grow and learn who she really is. The 17 "families" fall into 4 or 5 main groups. Una soon fell into a deep sleep. fell neatly into. The outbreaks fall into two well-defined groups: (a) those in which the disease is destructive and persistent, (2) those in which its effects are slight and transient. Autistic children get firmly attached to schedules and fall into violent tantrums when the schedule is interrupted. Fatigue can be due to many causes and can also be related to missing your period; headaches also fall into this same category. What does fall on expression mean? Mortgage lenders are very aware of this situation and an alarming forty percent of reverse mortgage applications submitted fall into this category according to Nelson Locke, CEO of Value Financial in Miami, Florida. 3 If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. If you fall into this category, mature dating techniques are critical during this transition.

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Industrielle aufsichtsrechtliche Regulierungsanforderungen

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