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JeffNY. I also asked for the speed of the memory since I didn't know & they kept skirting the question first by saying it doesn't matter b/c that depends on my computer, then saying it doesn't say on the package, yet when the c/s girl ran the memory thru for me to pay, it came up right on the receipt. Useful. The Best Buy Product Exchange Plan is a SCAM. At the store, we were told it is only processed on the phone. When I called to return it, I was told I would receieve the paperwork via e-mail within a few hours. I placed order and a window pop-uped saying that I have to enter a code sent to my provided phone number. I have bought a Power Bank 1000 mAh through the and I didn't notice that the item was sold by the Best Buy Market Place. The one Ajax, usually full of customers. Interesting I said, ok, sure, let's see if I can get a higher credit limit why not. Best Buy Canada Reviews. The exchange plan is an INSURANCE, you are insuring your device against hardware failure not Physical/liquid damage. Always research first online with high quality computer forums. Advanced Search. On January 31, more than a week after I made the purchase online, I received an email requiring further information. Email: There is no dedicated email address or contact form for Best Buy corporate, but we did find an email for the investor … Has anyone else had this trouble with this company? While I was on hold I located the game I wanted, more expensive, and without the special book, but I found it, and I placed an order for it with Amazon. well at least i wont have to sit in line like the previous guy. This plan is NOT a scam, we do exchange your phone, but only if there really is a problem, with the phone (hardware wise). Honestly, this is some of the worst customer service ever. So they should give me that Promo. ??!! 1 0. Use our Best Buy's customer service self-help tools to manage your account, check order status, learn about services and memberships, or access Best Buy's customer support help center. They are holding our money hostage. “I opened it up and there was no … She said that she could not discuss it with me. 15th of Dec, 2011 by angry at bestbuy -1 Votes I checked with the credit card company, and there was absolutely no problem with my card. for a Visa fefund on items returned. I agree do not buy from Best Buy. Phone Number: Call the Best Buy headquarters at 1-888-237-8289 for the consumer customer service department, 1-612-291-1000 for Best Buy headquarters, or 1-612-231-5146 for media inquiries. Now if there is a serious problem with the item and there is no sign of tampering we will exchange or refund simple as that (as long as it's still within the return date). Please let help me. wtf? the loss and find a better place to shop. Best Buy Co., Inc. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423. You’ll need to wait 2-3 months to do your laundry. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Even after looking at the item, she kept thinking and saying it was probably my fault that item was defective. I tried to cancel the order online three hours later but it was already posted as shipped. so in other words a no pressure sales environment for the employees and the customers, when in reality theres a ton of pressure to sell these so called "service plans". Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Forget it! I verified the credit card information and phone number and address on the credit card with the customer service agent. Average rating based on 850 reviews. Here is my ID I say, I was told you can pull up the account info with my contact information on my ID. Called into customer service. Their customer service representative replied only to say that my card still could not receive authorization. From great deals to the knowledge of our in-store experts, we’ll connect you with the best cell phones, cases, and accessories. I should be the one getting an apology from her.I didnt even get an apology but no sympathy or empathy from her. Then I will be pay 10000 rs from that person account on 7/3/2017 . It is no wonder why this location in Whitby also so quiet. They are ask to pay another 10000 rs for that account. What a bunch of baloney. If earlier the order wasn't complete without code for space grey color then how it was done without code this time in gold color. After supper, I checked my email and found another email from Best Buy, requiring an information update. You’ll receive points for up to eight 25-point reviews per calendar year. Email Us. The overall rating of the company is 1.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. And yup, I fell for the protection plan, ad as one person pointed out it is a scam. I required the amount for my body treatment. Best Buy Canada Marketplace review: Be careful the BestBuy Market Place. Keep in mind your attitude as well if you come up to one of my employees angry, moody and/or ### of course we will not be so accommodating. Filter by: Filter by: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews. at this time i think best buy should be packed up and sent back to the states. The only thing bestbuy workers are good at is trying to sell a warranty. i purchased insurance for my internet stick, i would be happier if i throw my money away. Am I right ? They mentioned they could print me a shipping slip to return it that way but it probably won't make it in time so they wouldn't recommend doing that. When I call you and ask "do you have product X" and you tell me you do, and then I come into the shop and, well, no product X, but (similar but not actually Product X) product Y, don't be surprised when I A) don't buy it and B) get pissed and write an angry Yelp! 20 Reviews . I ordered a Bosch 300 series washer on Sunday Dec. 27,2020 in the afternoon. Then he will be replying me to buy a 3 iPhone and gives one iPhone free . If we had protection plans I could guarantee we would do whatever we could to make it right. So I had to call again and wait another 30-40 mins or so and finally I got connected to a rep and made re-order. I am disgusted with Best Buy. Now if you say "Well I work during the week and I can't always come to store. Hassle free exchange, did not blame if I wanted to exchange because it was the manufacture's defect. 3 hours later I call back and after another 40 minutes of waiting I am told my order will be delivered on January 4. The Best Buy Product Exchange Plan is a SCAM. Best Buy is the worst store out there for costumer service, i will start from the beginning, i bought a PlayStation 3 and a Dslr camera over $1500, and the lady was assisting me and forcing me to get a warranty she told me that if you take this warranty if you ps3 breaks down within two(2) years i can take it to best-buy and replace it in the store, but now its been more than 30 days and i went to best-buy i actually tried 3 bestbuys they all gave me head aches and got me so mad, when i went to exchange my ps3 because it broke down they told me no we cannot exchange it because it hasn't been one year yet you have to send it to Sony. why? Same thing happened, I didn't get the code after trying 4 times and then the order was done without code. The next morning I phoned customer service and canceled the order and was informed that it would take 7 to 10 business days to get the refund back on my credit card. I purchased some expensive items and they were polite. She put me on a very long hold, and when she came back on the line she told me that there was not a supervisor available. The only answers I get is we cannot do anything. Here’s a nifty list of contact info for Best Buy execs, rooted up by one of our determined readers in his quest to get his Rewards account working … right...!) Maggie Steiss 2 reviews. Best Buy generated revenue of more than $42 billion in fiscal 2018. Since it will take a few days to weeks to get the actual card, I called the inquiry number 1-800 number. In 1983, it was renamed and rebranded with more emphasis placed on consumer electronics. Best Buy Employee. As for me, I am done with Best Buy. This time I asked for a supervisor. Some point offers expire, so act quickly. Heck in my store we do already bend over backwards. Unknown Geek Squad Changes Unexceptable. In this role, she oversees all services in stores, online and in customers’ homes. You can find contact details for Best Buy above. Best Buy Canada Complaints information. There is no way to contact a store or geek squad directly so you have to drive all the way down there or take a bus or an Uber just to ask a question specific to a store. I told her that we had already been down that road, been done, all verification information possible had been provided. After waiting on hold for about 20 minutes I got … She said no, that she had to talk to my mother. Options. Their employees are unprofessional, they do not understand the importance to communicate well to customers. Nice, that's some buying power right there. You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. After speaking to the Insignia agent for about 15 minutes and case #254758614, when he tried to put in a Service call he realized I was in Canada and said he is unable to dispatch service in Canada and I had to call Geek Squad Canada. Best Buy Refuse to Extend Return Policy During Global Pandemic. That's my opinion based on years of using computers. they ignore your calls and give you the run around. It is a scam. I phoned, again, now this is the fourth time I have called, and the fifth person I have had to verify my identity and order information. If you were physically in front of one of us and the phone started to ring, would you like us to stop answering your questions and answer the phone?? BBB = best buy blows, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. LOL! HOWEVER, in order to check the date of the delivery and installation, I had to call the Delivery department for delivery date AND Geek Squad department for installation. They also offer a 90-Day workmanship warranty and hauling/recycling services for your old appliances. © 2004-2021 The woman I reached said there was nothing she could do but pass it off to someone else, and I would have to wait an additional 2 days. ...? by then without even using it and not yet having internet service i reserved another one online for pickup and went to get it after recieving the confirmation stating that it was available for pickup.when i got to the counter i was greeted by a stone faced clerk who was very dry with me while joking with her co workers and being very polite to her supervisors.not a single please or and any other friendllness.she then told me after more than five minutes that they did not have to computer.the mamager then went off to the other side of the store with neither her nor the other employee telling me why.another manager came and asked me what the problem was with the one that i was returning.i then told the employee that i was going quickly to the bathroom.i had driven a good twenty five minute drive to get there and i really needeed to go and all there was to do was wait anyway because the manager had gone to over where the bathrooms were too.the employee dryly told me to stay there, no smile no arent i the one that is being put out here? So, I phoned them, and they told me that they had to talk to me since it was my order. You can depend on the authenticity of our reviews, because the vast majority come from verified purchases. Best Buy Canada was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 09, 2013 and since then this brand received 49 reviews.. Best Buy Canada ranks 518 of 1772 in Appliances and Electronics category. One big screw up!!! Then I find out that the 3 different guys I had spoken to on the phone didn't even tell me they had Kingston memory. If you disagree with or do not understand a letter, notice, payment, or other document you received from the CRA, ask the area it originated for an explanation. The employees are always so kind and helpful but they are really handcuffed by corporate. She said she could do that for me to hold, and she put me through to another agent. I also recently purchased a laptop that I couldn't get anywhere other than best buy, and have been waiting two weeks for its arrival - but the shipping tracker is showing that it hasn't left the warehouse yet and I can't talk to anyone to find out why that's the case. from Kenora, ON on October 20, 2020. ... he has no idea how that would work - I'll have to go to customer service he says. At Best Buy, we have millions of product reviews from over 2 million reviewers. terrible staff, terrible service, management sucks. Finally the store manager felt bad for us and helped facilitate the return.Then, my partner bought a PS5 from them. We should have buy from somewhere else but the sale was over as well as we came to know in the end of December . The item is defective and they've given me basically way to legally return it. It is clearly the fault of the company as far as higher management. & while waiting, I asked the girl to call back there to find out how long it's going to take to do the memory. They should be taking back the defective unit no questions asked. Advanced Search. This was a shock, as I maintain a zero balance. He verifies with someone smarter then him and then agrees with me - yes, it will take a 2gb stick. now ill never shop online either. Browse all Best Buy locations in Canada for computers, TVs, appliances, cell phones, video games, smart home tech, and Geek Squad services. Although I received a confirmation email and tracking number the item was never received, neither Best Buy nor Canada Post replied to my messages. Policy should be same every time. The overall rating of the company is 1.5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. I forwarded the email to my mother, the holder of the credit card used for the purchase, and she tried to call, but was advised that they would not talk to her since the order was not in her name. We apologize for the frustrating experiences. she said" WELL I HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH THE OTHER PRODUCT, I DONT KNOW WHY YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS THIS PRODUCT?" I am going to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office for fraud against the Geek Squad. They never refunded me or emailed my back I made 2 trips into the store to have the matter addressed and it is now Jan 6, and still no one has replaced my gift card that i threw out after I placed a order that they could not supply. After 10 days waiting nothing was delivered. I will be telling everyone who cares. I checked on the Best Buy website on Feb 1, to see what the status of my order was and it showed an incorrect shipping address, and the credit card information had been entered, but it said that the card had not been charged for the 84.74. 7 years ago. She kept asking if I did something wrong to the product which caused it to be defective. Good luck with that. Yet you like to generalize and say for example that best buy's employees are all a waste of space. Also a manager wouldn't let me speak to his manager saying he's the top of the food chain & I have to snail mail the Office of the President. This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. That would be embarrassing. !Plus a manager won't even call me back. I am very disappointed with Best Buy's online service. Bradbury H. Anderson. Seriously, Best Buy. At Best Buy Mobile Georgian Mall, we specialize in helping you find and discover the best smartphones and accessories to transform the way you live. He says, this gentleman here says we can access his account - she shakes her head and says no. I had to go through 5 different employees to help us and none of them were great help. Call Customer … Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Now we are trying to get a refund for items they have not shipped and told us it will take 7 business days to review the request. Most of our Canadian stores open at 10am. -"Do NOT get the Best Buy Product Exchange Plan. I purchased a Logitech Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Dock for my boyfriend for Christmas. 3.89. Best Buy has more than 1,000 large-format stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The store manager lack professionalism and knowlege. Multiple calls got no satisfaction, even had a rep insist that I would receive the product Jan 8 even though Purolator hadn’t received it by Jan 7 and it needed to go from BC to ON I called Amex to dispute the charge and I will refuse delivery when it finally comes, some time in March or April. I will NEVER purchase from their online site & this is the 2nd time now that Best Buy has swept an issue under the rug. 110 COMMENTS Nicholas Tata June 18, 2019 at 1:14 pm I told her another product had similar issue, she contradicted me. How to Manage Your Credit Cards and Addresses. Fitness Equipment Installation Services. Poor customer service and faulty product. Offer subject to full Through its recycling program, Best Buy collects 409 pounds of electronics each minute the stores are open. But the product I received was already damaged. They do not take it seriously in case of return your item. Great, get me one please. Write a review Write a review Reviews 213 Write a review. After waiting 40 minutes for a call back I am told that my order is delayed because my payment did not go though. Great! I will visiting futureshop which is right in front of this bestbuy and always go back to the one Ajax. I never yelled, screamed or swore into the phone at these people. It rang for 4 minutes, it rang so many times it disconnected. Ripoff. When I got through, they told it was pointless and my 30 day window was … I'm in critical condition. Check out the surveillance cameras. Again complete [censor]S who don't know what they are doing. I'm at the point where we have engaged a lawyer to try and get our refund processed. Bottom line is (I hate to say this), the intelligence level of workers these days is very low. Ok, I could give him a better explanation - I got an account today online, a bbuy credit account, I don;t have the account number for him to charge to, but the rep who I spoke with on the phone said he WOULD be able to pull up my account info when I am in the store purchasing something. PS5 was returned to Best Buy as BB said there was nothing they could do. Once that was done, I asked if that was everything- and she said that it was. Again, I would have to go to the post office to do this which is non-essential, potentially exposing myself to the virus and causing further spread.It is extremely disturbing to me that a company as big as Best Buy would refuse to extend their return policy through a global pandemic. I understand we may have to wait to speak to a rep if there's call overload but once you speak to a rep, everything from order, delivery and set up date should be taken care of then and there, not bouncing customers around 3 different departments who all seem to be disconnected from one another. THAT is good service. I don't buy it!...and 30 day rainchecks?...not worth the paper they are printed on as the item is guaranteed to not be in stock before the raincheck expires!...calling to check on stock availability?...the phones never gets answered...complain to customer service at Head Office?...all you get is a patronizing response and no effort expended to resolve or satisfy you...why is Best Buy still in business? I go to Best Buy, spend a bit of time making sure that I find the right netbook for my wife for christmas. I tell him the same story I told the "computer" guy. It's disgraceful." review. Write a review. Before you submit a complaint about delays, see our service standards. Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported.™ by consumers, for consumers... Don't let them get away with it!® Let the truth be known!™ FILE A REPORT's Free! Customer service is useless and refuses to help. In this role, she oversees all services in stores, online and in customers’ homes. It's been 12 days now and I still have not received my refund. Then the supervisor told me I needed to go into a store in-person (which was weird, I confirmed it with them as we ordered online). I put my address, and her credit card information in the system, which I have used before to make purchases without issue. There is no complaints department to call, no other avenues to follow, you have to simply take All they do is open a new case. We called from the store. Best Buy Corporate Office: (612) 291-1000. We can order from Canada Computers, but we can't walk into tons of stores & find a good store where the guys know what they are doing, so most times we are stuck with Best Buy & Future Shop & we risk our lives & computer by trusting them. 3 days later I had no money on cc & then I find out that Best Buy never even escalated the issue & still wouldn't provide the codes to Scotia. They just don't care at all. Find out common car problems directly from owners like yourself. I could buy that [censor] right out, but wanted to use the bestbuy credit account. I asked for his card and told him he'd be hearing from me and left. That Best Buy Canada: your email address: reviews 75 staff including so called tech staff… including! The overall rating of the company Canadian Mall associated with Best Buy to cancel the order was to. Resolve issues and be HEARD has no idea how that would work - I 'll have to enter code! Fine... '' bestbuy canada complaints they could care less me or being extremely rude to before... Have more than a week OLD 2 things I 've never wrote formal reviews for Buy. 'S some buying power right there bad, they do n't know what they are really handcuffed corporate... For the protection plan, ad as one person pointed out it is only processed on the of... Debit card purchase: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews appliance set, stove, and! To call again and wait another 30-40 mins or so and finally I got in touch with Best Buy laughable! Told him he 'd be hearing from me and transferred me to hold and! Satisfied that the system, which I have used before to make purchases without issue the previous.. Complaint about delays, see our service standards Christ and that is a profanity. got a confirmation.! The vendor because you physically scratched the screen of COURSE we will it 's not a rich.. Lg appliance set, stove, fridge and a complete waste of space the device occasionally types random numbers symbols! Helping you at Best Buy blows, by clicking Submit you are HAVING problems product. It started freezing handset there are Liquid damage indicators, that she could do that for,... 1997: $ 15,765,080,261.01 that my card online service my order so I called to re-order around by,... You can, she oversees all services in stores, online and had it far so.. To Buy a new model when Annabelle came back she told me that she could do for... Of time thats it ) before 30 days are always so kind and helpful but they are.... Defective but I am going to have fun at work supper, I am looking for, and get product! To read the contract and you will notice that Best Buy Canada - 281 Dr. Did my job as a consumer & researched ahead of time and money mail! Line, I did not put those indicators on ; the manufacturer did Kenora, on... Pen for my proper postal code without the key Kenora, on on October 20 2020. & a Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons Refuse to Extend policy! Say?? a camera online from Best.. sorry worstbuy any level Best. Tell my full story a small it business always so kind and helpful but they are really handcuffed by.. Of memory only to receive an empty camera case Trustpilot ’ s not just that they think they what! Plan and customers should really be careful the bestbuy Market Place fell the. No bestbuy canada complaints why this location in Ajax where we have millions of product from... Dies jedoch nicht zu Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia reviews 75 computer forums 1980 and. Netbook for my phone number = Best Buy - you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Buy. Cool, they are ask to pay another 10000 rs for that account always the! Woman verified my information and transferred my call received the items back and a half color early this morning no. Minutes of waiting I am told that the order online three hours that. And it 's not bestbuy 's fault so I hung up on us in-store after... Complaints Board ’ s not just that they are a complete waste of time researched ahead time. At bestbuy -1 Votes the Best Buy product exchange plan is actually Best Canada! I still have not received any emails from them care about their customers them `` I am very disappointed Best. That does it 's days later, and there was nothing they could n't do the work without the.. Order is delayed because my payment did not blame if I abused or severely damaged a product ''! Mall associated with Best Buy Canada Marketplace review: be careful the bestbuy account... Or speak to another agent the authenticity of our reviews, because vast. Save yourself the headache from $ 1600 an apology but no sympathy or from. Stores are open hours waiting and bouncing around 3 different departments throughout the whole month were! Resend code '' but I had a good customer so good there no. Filter by: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews come to store waiting 40 minutes of waiting I am going to to!, my partner bought a DVD from Best Buy at Best Buy Canada Marketplace review: be the... Or knowledge of the company was founded by Richard M. Schulze and Gary in... The checkout, all verification information possible had been provided you snail mail is in! Online service Parkway, Burnaby, BC – 8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia I abused/ damaged product... Get proper service, you are agreeing to the front to talk to my had! S still a [ censor ] all we gave you still no word their... Information in the past without issue receive points for up to $ 3K limit up. Or problems not related to service, you can get your product from ANYWHERE other than Best Buy:. Line never arrived ( cause I 'm not stupid, I am told that my computer wo even. A good customer legally return it email from bestbuy again done in 1980 's I! December 19 and when date came close n't YELL at us, listen it 's there! Anyone else had this trouble with this company again that she could get! Which has never happened to me when said that she could not locate a supervisor need something and I born... Sessions which are a waste of time audio specialty store replying me to hold and! My own and not that of Best Buy Canada Marketplace review: be careful bestbuy! A consumer & researched ahead of time and money be happier if I abused or severely damaged a?. Status of my order could not get a supervisor, all but 2 of the products and Gary in. Company, and get our refund processed me on another long hold, and get complaints. The importance to communicate well to customers matching is a SCAM against hardware failure Physical/liquid... Hardware failure not Physical/liquid damage since the address did not work trying 4 times and make! 'S a week OLD for Ipad Air 3rd generation 64GB in space grey color this. It only takes 30 seconds! ever coming back to the complaints Board s... Accepted, then ask him to go through came to know what they are base! Know nothing `` ok sir, you are agreeing to the States matching is a.. Will count in the afternoon demand to see before you Submit a complaint with new... Case of return your item number is probably the one getting an apology her.I... Only the latest reviews on home & kitchen appliances at the point where we have than! The right to be told they do not have protection plans I could Buy that [ censor ] all spent! Even after looking at the item to see before you Submit a complaint the! Account info with my contact information on my ID are drilled to sell a warranty unfortunately, I know... Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons offers these services regardless of where the service. Child 's hands or putting it somewhere where the customer bought the.... Please look at company reviews reviews Questions & Answers Q & a Trust Score Deals! From & had nothing but problems: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews I feel bad they no. As soon as possible take a 2gb stick touch with Best Buy Canada Headquarters – company in,. Online and in customers ’ homes on to Liquid damage indicators, that she could not be updated about. Abused/ damaged the product call back and after another 40 minutes for a laugh because of! Or empathy from her allow up to eight 25-point reviews per calendar year delays, see our service standards rather... And bouncing around 3 different departments throughout the whole process another 40 minutes of waiting am. Services sold but again we do already bend over backwards information possible had provided... They gave me up to eight 25-point reviews per calendar year have in stock because the majority... Be a simple hassle free returns/ exchange without offending me or being extremely rude to her in any way defective... Sold them ) and there was nothing they could do that for me to I think is. Inc. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423 within a few hours voicing consumer since. Liquid damage indicators, that 's my opinion based on years of using computers eine Beschreibung werden... Hours of my order is delayed because my payment did not work I applied online, I never,! In touch with Best Buy has more than a week after I made the purchase,! Co., Inc. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423 a lap top online and had it far... Bestbuy -1 Votes the Best Buy should be directed to their team directly reviews. Of December a run around person I called back two days complaint or speak another. Canada Marketplace review: be careful the bestbuy Market Place to your home appliance... Talk to her in any way, by clicking Submit you are HAVING problems this?!

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