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Notes: This blanket can be arm knit or knit on US 100 size 38 mm circular knitting needles. Learn how to knit a blanket in no time using Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool and 25mm knitting needles. In addition to the knitted donations, 10% of proceeds will be donated to aid organisations working to improve the lives of refugees across Europe. Super cute and helpful tutorial by the way. Is there a formula to do this? Or this one. With our pals from social enterprise Knit Aid we made an easy peasy video tutorial showing you how to knit up and sew together all of your squares to make one cosy blanket. Option 1: Cast On 9 stitches for long, thin blanket … Knit Aid is a separate organisation to WATG and the ticketing of this event was controlled entirely by us alone. This cozy finger knit blanket was incredibly easy and fun to make. Wider would be better this time, so I cast on a few extra stitches. In this way, you can make the blanket as big or small as you would like it to be. The big chill is finally here at WATG HQ and all we want to do is snuggle up under a big blanket. A great first project for her, How to knit a basic blanket step by step – with Knit Aid. Though it is not cheap, this luxurious extreme hand-knitted blanket is pure luxury. After you cast on, knit across all of these stitches using a basic knit stitch. I have been teaching a co-worker to knit and will use this pattern. All you need is ten balls of Crazy Sexy Wool and to follow Jess’ instruction vid below. Best for: A beginner wanting to gift a cosy blanket to a baby. 7 DIY Chunky Knit Blanket to Gear Up for Autumn 1. Pick a Knit Blanket Kit. I imagine that they don’t charge people who send knitted squares to them. For maximum warmth and speedy progress, we recommend using Crazy Sexy Wool and super chunky 25mm needles - around 7-8 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool should get you a small blanket; double it for a larger blanket. Hi Wanda, thanks for your support in our idea! How To Knit A Blanket For Beginners. easy-to-follow instructional video! The ultra-cozy craft is not only stylish but also super easy to DIY. The big chill is finally here at WATG HQ and all we want to do is snuggle up under a big blanket. This cosy project is perfect for beginners and for those of you stash-busters looking to make use of your leftover yarn! The kit comes with all the yarn you need plus a digital copy of the pattern. Article by Knitting Ideas, Inspiration, Tips & Crafty Quotes. 1. Everyone is obsessed with chunky knit blankets, and it's easy to see why. How to Knit a Blanket: Basic Recipe. The squares we’re making in the video are 20cm x 20cm or 7.5″ x 7.5″ and you should be able to get 3 of those squares out of one ball of Crazy Sexy Wool. Do you live in / near London? If 1 skein makes 3 squares? Blanket Kit includes the Holiday 2017 issue of Vogue Knitting along with all the Universal Yarn Deluxe Chunky, a rustic wool perfect for cold weather knits, . Thank you so much! We also offer many more step-by-step video tutorials, such as how to crochet a granny square blanket and how to arm knit a blanket. But I am happy that I heard of Knitaid… I am now going to check out the site. The blanket will grow slightly larger in size with use and over time but may be reblocked to the original size. Together Again blanket knitting pattern is fun to knit with bulky weight Color Made Easy yarn. Great tutorial, thx! Yooge Big Knit Blanket Pattern Instructions. Lapghan Blanket: 40” X 33” (16 stitches cast on) Abbreviations & Skills: Cast On. Our squares in Crazy Sexy Wool were 20cm / 7.5in, so it would be best to round up how wide and long you’d like the blanket to be a multiple of 20cm / 7.5 in in order to work out how many squares you would need across and down, times those two numbers together and therefore figure out the total number of squares required. Does that make sense….? eg., # stitches per 4 inches…? How many squares depends totally on how big you want your blanket. Swatches are knit to determine the gauge of the yarn, needles and individual knitter. S I M P L E = B E T T E R. PATTERNS: I created TWO gorgeous chunky knit blanket patterns for you. A guide to how to knit a blanket. In addition to the knitted donations, 10% of proceeds will be donated to aid organisations working to improve the lives of refugees across Europe. The Basketweave Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern is another option if you want to make knit blanket patterns that utilize cool knit-and-purl designs, rather than just the most basic of looks. Also I will check out your website. I decided to knit it up a single strand on my 1.5-inch knitting needles to check the gauge and see if it was going to work. Cast on enough to make a few inches of the swatch and keep knitting until you have a square. See above. A knit blanket is one of the easiest items to create and makes a great first project for beginning knitters. Featured collection. Most which incorporate alternating both knits and purls will to the job. Learn more about the WEBS Discount.. Get 8 regular size skeins of a soft, medium-weight yarn. It will be easy for her to do. The two cast-on methods are the “M” Method and the “Loop” Method. This is a great one for beginners or those of you looking for some stash-busting projects! This blanket pattern, designed by Teresa Carter of DeBrosse, is made by arm-knitting: a technique which uses the knitter's arms instead of needles.When arm-knitting, choose yarn in a size of 6 or "super bulky." 4.4k. Fight the freeze and learn how to knit yourself a blanket. You can knit a quick and easy baby blanket by holding 2 strands of yarn together and knitting with 2 strands at once, so you will need 8 regular-sized or 4 double-sized skeins. If you head to their site you’ll find details on where to send your knit squares to in the UK. This simple blanket uses only the humble knit stitch along with bold, contrasting stripes of color to deliver big results. I would love to make this blanket! If so, then they will be profiting more than any of the recipients of this event. It’s the stitch we use in our Take Me Home Blanket and Sailing Home Blanket. Luckily we have the skills – and the yarn! I was having doubts I was ever going to get this chunky knit blanket finished. £10 – Entry, knitting patterns, bring-your-own yarn and needles. Knit from side to side this chevron pattern is completely reversible and gender neutral. Unit price / per . What are the colors that you used for your specific blanket that is shown in the tutorial, and how many squares do you have of each color? We purchased some additional yarn from WATG, which was included in the price of the entry ticket. The very last step is to turn your chunky knit blanket over and make sure … Plus, shop materials you'll need to create a chunky knit wool throw. How to Knit A Swatch. ! ). Hi! (Sorry I am horrible at math!). Not this one. Learn how to knit a cosy woollen blanket in next to no time using Wool and the Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool and 25mm knitting needles. I was eager to try this new method. I am surprised , though, that WATG is charging an entry free of 10£ and only donating 1£ to the cause and only £2.50 from the kit. Some friends and I will make some blankets to give to poor people here in São Paulo, Brazil, as the Autumn is very severe this year. Thanks for your help! Sunshine Chevron Knit Blanket. If you’re looking to level-up your knit skills, and want something classic and chic, herringbone stitch could be the one for you – it’s the stitch used in our super-popular Koselig Blanket. Step 1: CHOOSE YARN & NEEDLES. However, I would like to make the blanket a bit wider and maybe a bit longer. Fight the freeze and learn how to knit yourself a blanket. If you are wondering where to buy real chunky merino wool yarn that was used in this video, this handy kit from gives you everything you need to create a small throw – and a choice of 70+ colors.. If you’re knitting on circular needles, check out our video tutorial for knitting single row stripes. For maximum warmth and speedy progress, we recommend using Crazy Sexy Wool and super chunky 25mm needles - around 7-8 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool should get you a small blanket; double it for a larger blanket. – to make it happen, and we want to share them with you. The Gemma Blanket is also available as a complete kit from Lion Brand Yarn. Knitaid is such a great idea. Knit Aid is an awesome social enterprise helping knitters help others in need. Entrants donate their own time and yarn and from what I can tell, WATG doesn’t donate any of its yarn or other products. We’ll be furiously knitting up lots of squares for donations, which will then be sewn up into blankets to be sent to refugees across Europe: Location The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, EC2R 4RH. As part of our 12 Days of Making campaign, we showed you how to make a patchwork blanket. Your video tutorial is excellent. Is there an actual pattern that is needed or will the video suffice? It is also easy to knit squares, and you can do this at night while you are watching television. Using your hands, weave the tail into the back of the blanket by looping it under and over the stitches to secure it. I want to take advantage of the sale today!! Using just your arms and no needles at all, make yourself a big, snuggly, floppy arm-knitted blanket! Hello! For maximum warmth and speedy progress, we recommend using, video tutorial for knitting single row stripes. Continue to … How to knit a blanket | Wool and the Gang Blog | Free Knitting Kit Patterns Downloads The big chill is finally here at WATG HQ and all we want to do is snuggle up under a big blanket. I’ve just followed your scarf tutorial and have completed my first piece of knitting thanks to your easy tutorials! I want to join but I live in New York. Introduction. Where to buy arm knit blanket yarn? Could you tell me how much yarn I would need to buy from you? Blanket project kits are the perfect way to make sure you stay warm and don't run out of yarn. Blanket is the next step, such a good Christmas pressie! Go for stripes. This simple knit blanket is comprised of knit and purl stitches. Can’t decide what colour of Crazy Sexy Wool to knit with? Get cozy with this modern geometric blanket. How to knit a blanket | Wool and the Gang Blog | Free Knitting Kit Patterns Downloads. About a year ago I set out to arm-knit a chunky blanket in under an hour. If you’d like to skip incorporating a border around the perimeter of your blanket, then it’s important to choose a stitch pattern that won’t curl. 89 WATG sponsored this event by providing some free yarn, a raffle prize which helped us to fundraise over £100 for refugee aid charities and provided support in publicising us. We got together with our pals at Knit Aid to show you how to create a super simple, super cosy blanket from knitted squares. I also made it in less than 2 hours, with 2 coffee breaks tucked in. You can find the full post here. A friend of mine and I want to use this tutorial to make ourselves our very first knitting project. My results were not ideal, and I was not at all happy with the outcome, or the yarn I used. You’ll also need a pair of size 10 regular or circular knitting needles. Regular price $65.00 Sale price $65.00 Sale. Quite frankly, I am disappointed in WATG. So if I want to make a throw blanket that is 50in x 60in and each yarn skein makes 3 squares, approx how many skins do I need of this yarn? Making a chunky knit blanket with this big a knit requires arm-knitting, so don’t worry – you don’t need to invest in ginormous needles. Find the free knit pattern below or grab a digital PDF in my shop.. £25 – Entry, All You Knit is Love knit kit which includes everything you need to knit chunky squares to donate: 15mm Rosewood knitting needles, one ball of Crazy Sexy Wool and a knitting pattern. Putting The Finishing Touch On Your DIY Chunky Knit Blanket. ... A kit blanket is a … Luckily we have the skills – and the yarn! Dark Gray Blanket In A Box Kit! A great choice for a first project No pattern needed, this is all you need. Reply. Another great option of kits for knitting. I guess it would depend on how wide and long you would like your blanket. £25 – Entry, All You Knit is Love knit kit which includes everything you need to knit chunky squares to donate: 15mm Rosewood knitting needles, one ball of Crazy Sexy Wool and a knitting pattern. If it is the first time you are knitting a blanket, then it is best to knit squares that you can join together at a later stage. Actually, Shahnaz and the rest of the Knit Aid crew get loads of donations from all you generous US knitters! To make our blanket we used Crazy Sexy Wool and 15mm / Size 19 Rosewood Needles. Chunky Knit Blanket Kit. Find out how to make a chunky knit blanket (whether with your arms or with circular knitting needles) with the help of these video tutorials. Soft & chunky yarn delivered to your door with an. Knitting a blanket requires two large gauge knitting needles and yarn. How many squares does it take to make a full size blanket and how much yarn would we need to purchase? We wanted to clarify our relationship with WATG so that there is no confusion. What's in the kit: 4 x 100g balls of cheeky chunky yarn (100% merino), sewing needle, blanket knitting pattern & How to Knit manual, and optional 15mm Wooden Knitting Needles. We collect and distribute knitted donations for free and it is events like the mass knit-in and our other workshops and merchanidise that help to fund our work with an additional 10% going towards fundraising for our chosen charities. These DIY chunky knit blanket ideas are the perfect answer for the coming cold days as the fall season is coming closer. – to make it happen, and we want to share them with you. Check out our full range of blankets at, available as knit kits and patterns, or ready made. Any soft, medium-weight yarn in the desired color will work for a baby blanket. Keep it plain, go for a contrast or complementary colour – or mix it up! Perhaps the Book Club is charging a huge rental fee for the event? This garter stitch baby blanket involves two colors and is worked with two strands of yarn throughout, making a super warm and squishy blanket that's also pretty fast to knit. Our how to knit stripes video tutorial shows you how to change colour as well as how to carry your yarn up the side of your work. How To Make A Chunky Knit Blanket. The pattern is … Dark Green Bulk Chenille Chunky Yarn,Blanket Making Kit,Chenille Knitting Yarn,Arm Knitting Kit,Chunky Knit Blanket Yarn,Jumbo Knitting Yarn,250g 4.3 out of 5 stars 48 $9.89 $ 9 . In the same vein are the super easy baby blanket and its variations, the new version and the crib blanket version, from Purl Soho. Made from individual knit squares, it’s the perfect project to take on the go. I updated this pattern on the blog to an even more INCREDIBLE pattern and kit, knitting tips and secret knitting sauce (how to join yarn without knots! A 24-row repeat stitch pattern creates an interesting texture and a reversible design. Thirdly, we wanted to arm knit another blanket because I came across a technique for casting-on that was so, so simple and very different from the casting-on method that we used. The combination of this yarn and stitch pattern creates a very stretchy fabric. This one’s for all the absolute beginners, as well as anyone who enjoys the simple things in life. Article by Wool and the Gang . Anyone can knit a garter stitch blanket – all you need to master is the knit stitch, and our garter stitch video tutorial shows you how. A blanket is just a big square or rectangle, so no construction needed – whoop! So easy and simple!!! At the moment they are working particularly hard on getting lots of generous knitters from around the globe to send them knitted squares, which they then sew into blankets for refugees across Europe. Dark Gray Blanket In A Box Kit! A gauge is a method of measuring the circumference of the needles. A garter stitch border and a chevron pattern in the center. Price Full size blanket can be as big as you want! Our fringe video tutorial shows you how. Join our Knit Aid + WATG Valentine’s Day Knit in! I’m telling ya, some knitting patterns can make you feel like a total incompetent loser. k – knit. Try a temperature blanket as a way to get in touch with the climate and motivate yourself to knit all year. Make the swatch using the needles and yarn you will use for the blanket. Luckily we have the skills - and the yarn! Anna Marie Haese March 9, 2019 at 4:04 pm. Please share your project with us on instagram! Here are two stitches and a couple of techniques you may want to use. How to knit a blanket | Wool and the Gang Blog | Free Knitting Kit Patterns Downloads. Here are two stitches and a couple of techniques you may want to use. Knitters can decide the number of skeins they want to … RELATED: How To Make A Tie Blanket From Fleece Fabric. There’s nothing like having a chill day curled up in bed or on your couch with the fluffiest blanket you could find. I love the simple directions on how to make blankets I love being crafty with Yarn. Arm-knitting is where you knit with your arms acting as your knitting needles, resulting in a huge chunky knit perfect for this thick, soft yarn that is used. They are ahhhhmaze. Get to grips with it in our herringbone stitch video tutorial. I want to make my 1st hand knit blanket. Hey Cori! Once you have your supplies, cast on the number of stitches you’ll need to get your desired width. 104. Adding a fringe is easy and will up the cosy factor of your hand-knitted blanket. We hope that clarifies things a bit more, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions: [email protected], There are no Knit ins happening in the US for this cause? Step 2: CHOOSE STITCH PATTERN(S) No Borders. p – purl. A hand-knit blanket is full of character, charm, and a style that is unique to its knitter. i love .where I buy a la crazy sexy wool?

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